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              About Me: Coach LaToya Gregory 

 Hi, my name is LaToya Gregory. I am a fitness coach that enjoys helping others look and feel their best! My journey started during the year of 2010. I started attending a boot camp about 3- 4 times a week attempting to get in better shape. I was active, but my diet sucked! About 2 months later is when I took a step further by actually eating better. I began to run 5Ks and gradually moved on to 10Ks and 15Ks. The furthest distance I have ran is a half marathon (You go girl!). This became the norm for about 2-3 Saturdays out of the month. Whew! Talk about dedication.

My passion for helping others achieve their lifestyle goals continued to grow. I say lifestyle, because fitness goals take lifestyle changes to become achievable. I eventually opened my own nutrition club, MVP Nutrition, where I taught boot camp classes 4 days a week. I started educating others on health and nutrition as a wellness coach. Personal training then came about. I also began a fitness program at my church allowing members and others from the community to come out and be active. Summer of 2019 is when I took it up a notch by entering my first fitness competition. I trained for what seemed like forever, and it was tough. But in the end, it was a truly rewarding experience that taught me discipline and resilience!

Throughout this journey, I found myself purchasing products from different companies. Products including waist trainers, detox teas, workout gear, etc. I realized that I was recommending all of these products to others who wanted them. At that point is when I realized I could have created my own brand to launch these very same fitness products.
MVP Fitness was established years ago, but with my never-ending passion for helping others be the best versions of themselves, I felt the need to make some additions and keep it going.

So, allow me to help you with your journey! Let’s reach those goals while getting MVP snatched. Are you ready for this lifestyle change? Shop with us today!

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